Houdini 20.0 Nodes Geometry nodes

Clean geometry node

Helps clean up dirty models.


Consolidate Points

Fuses together points with similar positions.

Remove Degenerate Primitives

Deletes degenerate primitives such as polygons with zero area.

Degenerancy Tolerance

The size to consider degenerate. This is measured as an edge length, so the square of this is compared with area.

Delete Unused Groups

Remove any groups that are empty after degenerates are removed.

Orient Polygons

Changes the orientation of polygons so they all face the same direction.

Reverse Winding

Reverses the orientation, or winding, of all the primitives. This is useful when importing or exporting to packages which use the opposite winding order of Houdini.

Fix Overlaps

Deletes polygons which overlap, (share all the same vertices).

Delete Overlap Pairs

When this option is on, overlapping polygons are both deleted. This is useful when the overlap comes from two objects fusing along an edge. When this option is off, the first overlapping polygon is kept and the second polygon is deleted.

Remove Unused Points

Delete points which are not part of a primitive.

Remove Attributes

Remove point, primitive, detail, or vertex attributes that match a pattern.

Remove Groups

Remove point or primitive groups that match a pattern.

Remove NANs

Delete points with positions containing a NaN (Not a Number) floating point value.

NAN is a special floating point bit pattern which indicates a failure, such as zero divided by zero or the square root of minus one. Houdini strives not to introduce these numbers, but this option is available for any cases where NaN values appear.

Expert users can examine the VOP network inside this node to see how to detect NaN values in their own networks if necessary.

Manifold-Only Topology

Ensures that all polygon topolgy is made up of manifold patches. Non-manifold points are minimally duplicated and their incident polygons are reassigned to various copies to make sure this is the case.

Delete Small Manifold Patches

If the Manifold-Only Topology checkbox is turned on, this option deletes any maximal manifold patch that contains fewer polygons than the threshold specified in the Primitive Threshold parameter. Such small manifold patches can particularly be generated (detached from the input geometry) during repair of non-manifold topology.

Primitive Threshold

Specifies the maximum number of primitives in a manifold patch that is to be deleted.

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