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Match Topology geometry node

Reorders the primitive and point numbers of the input geometry to match some reference geometry.

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The vertex counts, point counts, and primitive counts must match between the two pieces of geometry.

If more than one mapping was possible, a warning is raised and the unclear area is highlighted. Additional point mappings can be specified in this area to force a solution.

If the mapping fails, the failed connected set of primitives will be highlighted.


Match Topology uses vertex order when it checks whether two topologies are consistent. If you have two surfaces which seem to have identical topologies but Match Topology gives a warning, try adding a Reverse node to one of the inputs.


This SOP doesn’t match the first input’s geometry to the second input’s topology.


Tracking Points

This is a set of points on the first input.

Reference Points

This is the set of points that correspond to the tracking points on the second input. The order is important here.

Assume Primitives Match

If only point orders have been scrambled, checking this toggle performs a faster operation.


Scrambled Source

The geometry whose point and primitive numbers have become rearranged.


The geometry whose point and primitive numbers you wish to match to.


MatchTopologySphere Example for Match Topology geometry node

This example demonstrates how the Match Topology SOP lines up the points and primitives between two geometries with equal amounts of points and primitives.

The Tracking Points, Reference Points, and Assume Primitives Match features are utilized to get a perfect match.

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