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Bake ODE geometry node

Converts primitives for ODE and Bullet solvers.

Since 10.0


This node is now deprecated. For setting up compound shapes, the Create Convex Hull Per Set Of Connected Primitives option on the Bullet Data DOP should be used instead.

Primitives are converted to the format required by the composite mode of the ODE object and compound mode of the Bullet Data DOP. For each primitive or group of primitives that can be converted to an ODE primitive, a point with attributes is created and added to an ODE point group.

This surface operator can give output directly to a DOP Import SOP and take geometry input.

ODE primitives do not support all available transformations, so primitives may be simplified in shape by this operator. The output geometry shows what the ODE solver assumes for its calculations.

Shape primType Value Description
Box 0 Reconstructed from polygon primitives.
Sphere 1 Constructed from sphere primitives.
Cylinder 2 Constructed from tube primitives.
Capsule 3 Constructed from tube primitives (use CaptureRegion).



The group to bake.

Keep Original Geometry

When enabled, keeps a copy of the original geometry.

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