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Attribute Reorient geometry node

Modifies point attributes based on differences between two models.

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The AttribReorient SOP computes rotations for each point in the selection by examining differences in surface normals and tangents from the reference geometry to the live geometry. The named vector and quaternion attributes are updated by applying the computed rotation to the attribute values in the reference geometry.


AttribReorient only operates on polygons. Other geometry type such as Bezier and NURBS surfaces can be converted to polygons using a Convert operation prior to applying AttribReorient.



Points whose attributes will be reoriented.

Vector Attributes

The vector attributes to reorient.

Quaternion Attributes

The quaternion attributes to reorient.

Use Normal Attribute

If enabled, the attribute “N” will be used instead of computed surface normals.


CopyUsingOrient Example for Attribute Reorient geometry node

This example demonstrates how to use the Attrib Reorient SOP to calculate rotations applied to points. These rotations are used by the Copy SOP when creating each instance.

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