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Output geometry node

Marks the output of a sub-network.

Since 14.0

This SOP passes through each input to the corresponding output untouched. When inside a subnetwork, its inputs become the corresponding outputs of that subnetwork.

Object Merge SOPs that target the containing object will refer to this node, not to the display/render sop. SOP Solvers will likewise use the Output SOP as their target regardless of the display flag. This can make it easier to debug a network without changing its behavior.

If there is none, the display/render flags will be used instead.

Each output node can specify which output it wires to. Output index 0 corresponds to the first wire out of the node, and is also the value the parent node will use when object merged or middle clicked.

You can use negative output numbers for geometry that you want to potentially display in the viewport. These outputs will not be available through ports of the parent subnetwork, but you can use the setOutputForViewFlag() method to make the viewport use a negative output for viewing.


Do not use expressions to control the output index, especially avoid anything that would require cooking geoemtry to determine the index. These indices are expected to be constant. Use switch sops upstream if you need to re-wire the outputs.

Duplicate output indices will result in errors when cooked.

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