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Viewport interactive boolean for hardsurface modeling.

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Boxcutter is an interactive viewport tool that focuses on making boolean workflows for hardsurface geometry a joy. You can simply click and drag on geometry in the viewport to boolean out shapes.


Plug your original geometry into the tool, select the node and hit enter in the viewport to get started.


LMB Drag to make a planar shape of the cut you intend to make. Without letting go, hold CNTRL to add depth to it. Optionally make any adjustments using the handles, and then press “A” to finalize the cut.


Cutout Settings

These are the settings that will be used for the current/next interactive boolean cut.

Drawing Mode

This sets the projection type that will be used for the boolean cut. World align aligns the cutting shape with world XYZ, Freehand aligns it with the surface normal of the geometry.

Boolean Operation

The boolean mode to be used.


Used to specify a custom shape to be used for cutting. If none is specified, a box will be used.

Bevel Divisions

Number of bevel divisions to be used on the seam between the shape and the cutter. This parameter can be controlled using SHIFT+SCROLLWHEEL.

Bevel Distance

Controls the distance of the bevel. This parameter can be controlled using SCROLLWHEEL.


The number of copies to make of the created shape. The position, rotation and scale of these copies can be controlled using the parameters below.


The translate increment to be used for each successive copy.

Pivot Translate

The pivot to be used for the copies.


The rotation increment to be used for each successive copy.

Cutout Setting

This multiparm contains all previously made cuts. Make Live

Pressing this button will make the corresponding cut live again. Note that this will move this multiparm entry to the end of the stack.


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