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Labs Attribute Value Replace geometry node

Allows you to replace attribute values with others.

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Attribute Value Replace allows you to replace attribute values with different values. This is very useful for Houdini Engine workflows when preparing attribute instancers. You could for example replace name attributes with paths to a prefab to instance in the engine.



The attribute to replace values for.

Rename Attribute

Enabling this allows you to set a new name for the attribute that will get values replaced.

New Name

The new name for the attribute in case of renaming the attribute specified.

Custom Initialize Value

Set a custom value to be used when initializing the multiparm through the “Initialize Values” button.

Default Value

Allows you to set a default value for any incoming values that are empty or for values that have no rename target in the multiparm.

Initialize Values

Clicking this button will initialize the multiparm with all found incoming attribute values.


The attribute value to replace.


The attributen value to replace with.


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