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Test Geometry: Electra geometry node

Creates Electra, the test KineFX character.

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Since 20.0

This node provides Electra, a KineFX character to prototype and experiment with. It can be used as a starting point for rigging and animating KineFX characters.



Position of the center of the feet.


Rotation of the geometry about its center.

Uniform Scale

Uniform scaling.

Add Shader

When turned on, attaches the default shader to render with embedded texture maps.


Texture look to use when Add Shader is turned on.


Geometry style for the first output.

Skin Surface

Skin geometry of the character with capture weights.

APEX Scene

APEX scene containing the full character that can immediately be animated using an APEX Scene Animate SOP. With the Electra test geometry node selected and displayed, click Animate on the left toolbar. An APEX Scene Animate SOP is automatically placed in the network editor, and the animate state is entered into.

APEX Character

Full character with rig. To animate this character output, the character must first be added to an APEX scene using an APEX Scene Add Character SOP, which gives the character a name. After that, the scene must be piped into an APEX Scene Animate SOP, where animation can be performed in the animate state. See the animation workflow for more information.


Rest Geometry

Skin geometry with capture weights (boneCapture point attribute). When Output is set to APEX Scene, this includes a rig that can be animated. When Output is set to APEX Character, this is a character that must first be added to a scene before it can be animated.

Capture Pose

Rest skeleton geometry.

Animated Pose

Skeleton geometry intended for animation.


TestGeometryElectraAnimate Example for Test Geometry: Electra geometry node

This example demonstrates the basic setup to animate and render Test Geometry: Electra using APEX Scene Animate and Solaris.

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