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Labs Extract Silhouette 1.0 geometry node

Create an outline of an object projected from either an axis, or from a camera.

This tool generates a curve that matches the silhouette of an object when looking at it from either an axis, or from an orthographic camera.



Controls the type of output that should be generated. Silhouette creates an outline of the geometry, while contours will try and include some interior details too.

Trace Axis

The projected axis for the output.


A path to the camera that should be used when Trace Axis has been set to Orthogrphic Camera.

Remove Outside of Silhouette

Enabling this will allow holes to be present in the generated mesh rather than purely producing a convex-like hull.


Enabling this will resample the output curves uniformly based on the Resample Length parameter.

Resample Length

The uniform length used for resampling the output.

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