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Labs Trim Texture Utility geometry node

Helps preparing trim texture geometry for a Trim Texture workflow

This node helps preparing trim texture geometry for a Trim Texture workflow. This tool is useful for both the automatic and the interactive Trim Textures tool.


Trim Texture

The color map to be used for the trim texture. This texture will be assigned to the trim geometry.


Visualize Strips

Enabling this will assign a unique color to all individually connected strips.

Initialization Mode

This controls how the Trim Texture should be initialized. From input will use the incoming geometry, while Generate from ID map will use an ID map to generate a Trim Texture from it.

Use Connectivity

Enabling this will use 3D connectivity between polygons to determine what primitives belong to a strip. Disabling this will just generate one per polygon.


When Initialization Mode is set to From Input, pressing this button will populate the multiparm with trim strips.

ID Map

The map to be used for generating individual trim strips based on color. Only works when Intialization Mode is set to Generate from ID Map.



A selection to be considered a single trim.

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