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Volume Ramp geometry node

Remaps a volume according to a ramp.

The Volume Ramp SOP uses a volume as a key to lookup values in a ramp to generate a new volume of the same resolution and size. It can either use a scalar ramp that ramps one volume to one volume, or a color ramp to generate three volumes according to the red, green, and blue values of the ramp.

To generate a color field that will be understood by Mantra, set New Name to “Cd” to generate Cd.x, Cd.y, and Cd.z volumes that will override the shader’s color value.


Volume Primitive

Which primitive number in the input should be remapped.

New Name

If not blank, the name attribute of the volume will be changed to match this name. If a color ramp is used, .x through .z will be appended.

Source Min, Source Max

The range of values to map from in the input volume. Any value less than the source min will be clamped to the left hand side of the ramp, anything greater than source max to the right hand side of the ramp.

Dest Min, Dest Max

The vertical range of the scalar ramp and the color range of the color ramp both default to a 0..1 range. This allows you to remap them to a larger range. Values outside of the 0..1 range on the ramp will be clamped to 0..1 before this remapping is applied.

Use Color Ramp

Determines if the scalar ramp or color ramp will be used to look up values from.

Scalar Ramp

The scalar ramp to use for mapping.

Color Ramp

The color ramp to use for mapping.

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