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Force geometry node

Uses a metaball to attract or repel points or springs.

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This node adds force attributes to a metaball field which make the field attract or repel particles.

In general, force values greater than 0 cause points to be attracted, less than 0 cause points to be repelled.


  • To view the metaball field of influence, turn on the hulls display of the input metaball/s object/s.

  • Adjust the weights of the metaball inputs to increase or decrease the field effect within the metaball field of influence.

  • In general, it is a good idea to try and keep the scale of forces and force fields to a smaller rather than a larger scale. This tends to make particle movement and attraction more manageable and realistic.


Radial Force


Triggers force to radius of metaball field.


Controls the strength of the radial force.

Directional Force


Allows control of force attributes.


Primary axis of metaball field.

Axial Force

Force along primary axis of field.

Vortex Force

Amount of twist around primary axis.

Spiral Force

Attraction force perpendicular to axis.


This node only accepts metaballs. Connecting anything else has no effect.


ForceBasic Example for Force geometry node

This example file uses the Force SOP in conjunction with Metaball SOPs and Particle SOPs to create dynamic animations.

Using the Radial Force Parameter of the Force SOP, particles are puffed in and out. Then, using the Directional Force Parameter, a rotating vortex is created as a metaball spins around an axis.

Press play to view the animation.

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