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Prepare heightfield and actor instances for use with World Composition in Unreal

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This nodes prepares all the attributes you need for the world composition support with Unreal Engine using the V2 of the Houdini Engine plugin.


For best results, ensure you have a valid tile attribute on your incoming heightfield. Heightfield Tilesplit will automatically generate these for you.


World Composition

Custom Tile Number

Enabling this allows you to set a specific tile number to be used. When disabled it will auto detect tile attribute on the incoming data..

Tile Number

The custom tile number to set the data to.


Enable streaming proxies for Unreal.

Level Path

This is the path used to save the output of this node to inside your project folder in Unreal.

Terrain settings

Material Path

Used to set the material on the generated terrain. This is a reference to a material located in your project folder.


When toggle is enabled it will filter the heightfield layers and only keep a specific one.


The name of the heightfield layer to be kept.


Tint Tiles

Color the terrain and other inputs based on the tile number as a visualization.

Visualize Instances

Show guides for the instanced geometry.


Allows for isolating a specific tile number.


The tile number to be isolated.



All inputs are merged and attributes are added for the world composition.

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