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Spline Surfsect geometry node

Trims or creates profile curves along the intersection lines between NURBS or bezier surfaces.

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This op performs boolean operations with NURBS and Bezier surfaces, or only generates profiles where the surfaces intersect. The individual surfaces do not need to be solids (i.e. wrap in U and V), nor do they need to form a solid as a group (for example, you can cut a grid with a sphere).

The surfaces in the first input are denoted by “A” in the parameter list. The surfaces in the second input are denoted by “B”. The entire A set is intersected with the B set, which allows for true csg operations with spline surfaces. Thus, if A forms a solid and B forms a solid, any boolean operation between A and B will produce a solid. If either set has an open topology, the result will also be open.

What is deemed to be the inside and outside of a trim region depends on the direction of the surface normals. If necessary, use the Primitive SOP to reverse the surface normals by reversing the surface’s U or V direction.


Group A

Subset of NURBS and Bezier surfaces

Group B

Subset of NURBS and Bezier surfaces to intersect with A

3D Tolerance

World space precision of the intersection

2D Tolerance

Domain precision of the intersection

Marching Steps

Number of steps for tracing each profile span



Boolean operations between the surfaces in A and B


Union, intersect, A - B, B - A, or user-defined:

Keep Inside A

Preserve the inside sections of the A surfaces

Keep Inside B

Preserve the inside sections of the B surfaces

Keep Outside A

Preserve the outside sections of the A surfaces

Keep Outside B

Preserve the outside sections of the B surfaces

Generate Profiles


Just create profiles where the surfaces intersect


Which surface to output profiles for: A, B, or both

A Profiles Group

Place the A profiles in a user-defined group

B Profiles Group

Place the B profiles in a user-defined group

Avoid Already Trimmed-Out Parts

Intersect only the visible surface parts and truncate the intersection profile at the trimmed-in surface boundaries.

Join Profiles Created By Multiple Surfaces

If a surface has several adjacent profiles caused by its intersection with two or more surfaces, the profiles will be joined into a single curve-on-surface


SurfsectBasic Example for Spline Surfsect geometry node

This example demonstrates the use of the Surfsect SOP’s boolean operation.

First a box is used to subtract from a Sphere leaving 4 disks. Then the Sphere is used to subtract from the Box leaving just the corners.

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