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Volume Slice geometry node

Extracts 2d slices from volumes.

Since 12.0

The Volume Slice operation extracts a 2d slice from the input volumes.

This is often useful for visualizing what is going on inside 3d volumes by pulling out specific planes of interest.


Source Group

The volume primitives to be sliced. Note the @name=density style expressions can be used to choose specific volumes from fluid simulations.


What to extract from the volume.


For each input volume, a new 2d volume will be created and populated with the values of the input volume.


A mesh primitive of the same resolution and size of the first volume will be created. The given attribute will be created of the same size as there are volumes and populated with their values.


Free standing points of the same resolution and size of the first volume will be created.


What axis to extract from the volume. This is local to the volume’s space. Rotated or transformed volumes will have a corresponding rotated or transformed plane.


Where the plane should be positioned inside the volume. This is a relative coordinate, with -1..1 being the total range, so 0 means the center of the volume.


In the mesh method, a point attribute of this name will be created. Its size will be equal to the number of volumes in the source group. If there are three volumes in the source, a size three float attribute will be made. Each component of the attribute is set to the value of the corresponding attribute at that location.

Local Variable

A local variable will be made mapping from this to the attribute. If left blank, the attribute in ALL CAPS will be the local variable.


The Cd point attribute will be set to color the output points. The mesh primitive will also be given the gl_lit primitive attribute to cause it to not be lit.

Visualization Ramp

The color scheme for visualizing the attribute values. This is used if there is only one volume present, otherwise the first three volumes are mapped to red green and blue.

Visualization Range

The volume values that correspond to the beginning and end of the visualization ramp.

Color Mapping

The color lookup for visualizing the attribute values when Visualization Ramp is set to Custom Ramp.

Keep Original Geometry

The incoming geometry is deleted unless this checkbox is turned on.

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