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Each geometry node

Culls the input geometry according to the specifications of the For Each SOP.

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This operator is designed to work with the For Each node to simplify the creation of For Each networks. It can cull the incoming geometry using similar specifications as the For Each SOP. It can also read in the cached feedback geometry from the For Each SOP.



Determines if the cached feedback from the coupled For Each SOP should be used as the input rather than the wired input. The For Path should point to the For Each SOP to use as a source.

For Path

The path to the For Each SOP which will be used for feedback. This must point to a SOP of type For Each for feedback to work.

Cull Group

If a primitive group is specified, only the primitives in that

Cull Attribute

If a primitive attribute is specified, only primitives whose attribute match the specified attribute value within the given tolerance will be copied from the input.


The value the attribute must match to be copied from the input. This is commonly a stamp expression like stamp("..", "FORVALUE", 0).


The amount the attribute is allowed to differ but still be considered identical for the purpose of matching.

Apply to Points

Instead of the Cull Group, Cull Attribute etc. being applied to primitives, they are applied to points. The result will be the points that meet the required filter.

All primitives are discarded in this process.


Geometry to Select From

The input geometry to cull from. If Feedback is set to true, this input is only used on the first iteration of the coupled For Each SOP. For subsequent iterations, the geometry is fetched directly from the For Each SOP.

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