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Labs Curve Branches geometry node

Scatters curves over curves, with many intuitive controls to go from clean geometric branches to organic vines. Duplicates of this sop can be chained together for recursive growth, approximating the look of L-Systems but much more controllable.



Color of the generated branches.


Minimum distance along input curve(s) where branches can start growing. A value of 0.5 will mean branches can only grow from halfway down the input curve.


Maximum distance along input curve(s) where branches can start growing. A value of 0.7 will mean branches will stop being generated at 70% of the original curve input.

Number of Children

Number of branches to generate per input curve.

Variation +-

Amount of random offset of the vertical offset.


Length of the generated branches.

Variation +-

Length variation per generated branch.

Vertical Offset

Offset added to Y component of branch direction vector. A value of 0 will make branches grow perpendicular to the input curves.

Mirror X



Amount that branches twist around the input curves. A value of 0 means all branches will stay on the same plane (relative to the input curve), low spread values will spiral branches around the input curves, high spread values look more organic and chaotic.


Apply a curl effect to the branches, approximating the look of vines and organic plant shapes.



Control where noise gets applied along the length of the branch. The left side of the ramp represents the start of the branc, the right side represents the end.


Amplitude of noise, multiplied against the Intensity ramp.


Frequency of the noise.


Offset of noise.

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