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Block Begin Compile geometry node

The start of a compile block.

Since 16.0

The Block Begin Compile works in concert with the Block End Compile to separate part of a node network from the rest of the graph.

Block Begin Compiles form the input into a compiled block and mark the transition from normal SOP cooking into the compiled subgraph.


This node will rarely be explicitly placed. Instead, the Compile Block tab menu entry will generate a pair of block nodes in a single operation.


Block Path

The path to the Block End Compile representing the end of the compiled sub-graph.

Input Name

Each of the inputs of a compiled block may be assigned a name to allow external users of the compiled block to replace the wired input with their own data. This is used by the Invoke and the SOP Solver.

Optional Input

Normally all inputs are cooked prior to invoking the compiled block. This ensures that there are no unexpected needs to return to the old cook engine, and generally gives more controllable results. However, if the Optional Input flag is turned on, the input will only be cooked on demand.


This only applies to the top level compile block. Currently, nested compile blocks pre-cook all their inputs.

Create Block Begin Node

Creates a clone of this node with the appropriate block path setup.

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