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Scatter in Texture Mask geometry node

Scatters points on a mesh, with density controlled by a texture.

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The Scatter in Texture Mask node scatters points in areas where texture values are above a certain threshold. This node relaxes points to be a certain distance apart and keeps them within the bounds of areas above the threshold limit.

You can control density with texture luminance and, optionally, an attribute.

See Texture Mask Paint for an example of how to use this node.



The type of texture to use.

Texture (default)

Reads texture images from a file on disk.

Texture Primitive

Reads texture data from the texture primitive connected to this node’s second input.


When Mask is Texture, the texture image file on disk.

Texture Name

When Mask is Texture Primitive, the name of the texture primitive to read that’s connected to this node’s second input.

Mask Threshold

The threshold value below which no points are scattered. This also forms a border that points can’t cross during relaxation.

The default value is 0.001.

Density Scale

A scale on top of the density read from texture and attribute.

The default value is 1000.

Multiply by Attribute

Multiplies the density by this attribute’s values.

Relax Iterations

The number of relaxation iterations to perform. More iterations more evenly distribute the points.

The default value is 10.

Constrain to Mask

Constrains points to areas of the texture brighter than the Mask Threshold value.

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