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Point Cloud Reduce geometry node

Reduces a point cloud using a point grid.

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Since 20.0


This node reduces the size of a point cloud. Reduce the size of a point cloud to simplify computations or normalize point density. You can use this node on any point cloud.


Point Cloud

When you connect to this node’s first input, this is the point cloud to reduce. You can use any input geometry that has unorganized points.

Optional reference VDB

If you connect to this node’s second input, the node uses the transform from the input VDB primitive. You’ll receive an error message if the input doesn’t have a VDB primitive or if it has many VDB primitives with differing transforms.



The subset of points in the input geometry to reduce.

If left empty, all points in the input geometry are reduced.

Voxel Size

The uniform size of the point grid’s voxels.

The default value is 0.1.

Sample Method

The sample technique to apply to the points within a voxel.

Average (default)

Compute the average of all attributes. This setting is useful for reducing the size of the point cloud while smoothing its attributes.

Closest to Center

Produce similar point spacings while preserving the original points. This setting is useful if you want to reduce the point cloud size but preserve the original attribute values.


Produce the same benefits as Closest to Center but randomly. This makes the point cloud look more natural.

Random Seed

When Sample Method is set to Random, this is the seed to use when randomly sampling points. This parameter lets you select the randomness for variation.

The default value is 0.

Voxel Population

Creates an attribute that contains the population of the sampled voxel.

The default value is population.

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