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Paint SDF Volume geometry node

Creates an SDF volume based on drawn curve

Since 13.0

Paint SDF Volume allows freehand drawing of SDF volumes in the viewport. Different projection options allow the drawn volume to be snapped to either an orthographic plane or a collision geometry.

This is a digital asset build from the Draw Curve node and the Volume Rasterize Curve node.



Voxel Size

Size of the voxels of the created volume.


Fast Rasterize

When on the setup uses Volume Rasterize Particles which has minimal controls but is much faster than Volume Rasterize Points.

Density Scale

Density field multiplier.

Sample Rate

Distance used to sample the curves.


Falloff of the density over the length of the stroke curve.

Flow Rate

Strength of the density created over the length of the stroke curve.

Merge Method

Specifies which operation is used when merging multiple curves densities.


Live Reprojection


Projection is only done at drawing stage.

Send Rays

Reproject by resending rays on underlying changing collision geometry.

Use UVs

Use the uv coordinates from the initial projection on changing collision geometry.

Trim Curves

Delete parts of drawn curves that don’t hit any collision geometry.


XY/YZ/ZX/Screen Plane

Projection of the curve is done on specified orthographic plane.


Projection is done on the collision geometry that is plugged into first input.

Projection Center

Center of the orthographic projection plane.


Individual stroke information is kept as dynamic multiparms.

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