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Labs Thicken 1.0 geometry node

Extrudes a mesh along it’s averaged normals

Simple Helper node that will extrude a mesh along it’s averaged normals.

Giving a mesh thickness is an easy way for ensuring something is water tight and will play well with collision and physics.

You usually need several nodes if you need to extrude something both ways in order to give it thickness, and this node wraps up that network for you.

This node is a simple collection of other common used nodes to ensure you can take something like a curve, and generate something with thickness in a single node.




Distance to Extrude.

Extrusion Mode

Which mode to use to extrude faces/edges.

Both Directions

Toggle for extruding outwards as well as inwards.

Dissolve Middle Edge

When extruding in both directions, remove the edge that joins both halves.

Reduce Back Side

Toggle for PolyReducing the “Inside” Faces. Useful if you have a dense mesh and just need thickness but don’t care about the detail inside.


How much to reduce the inside faces. 0 means reduce as much as possible, 100 means no reduction.


Add Normals to

Determines the attribute class normals should be added to.

Cusp Angle

Controls the cusping angle that should be respected when generating normals. Low values mean a more faceted look, while higher values will smooth out your geometry.

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