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Labs Clean Seams 1.0 geometry node

Removes from an edge group all the edges that are not borders between different primitive islands identified by an island attribute.

Labs Clean Seams SOP unmarks seams that are not borders between islands. It checks the primitives bordering each edge, and if there are two primitives and both have the same island attribute value, the edge will be removed from the edge group.


It is recommended to use this node after a UV Autoseam SOP to clean up the auto-generated UV seams, but you need to enable Island Attribute on the UV Autoseam SOP.



A subset of the input geometry to operate on.

Group Type

What the group is made of.

Seams and Islands

Seam Edge Group

The name of the seam edge group. Edges that border two primitives of the same island attribute value will be removed from this group.

Island Attribute

The integer or string primitive attribute that identifies islands. The output seams are strictly borders between the islands.

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