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Labs UV Unitize geometry node

Converts every primitive to 0-1 UVs

Modifies the uv attribute to fit in 0-1 space. It can do so in two ways. Each Face, or each UV Shell. In order to use the UV Shell mode, you need to provide input UV Shells with the specified UV attribute. Useful if you have a strip of polygons and want every face or shell to be perfectly unwrapped in 0-1 space.



Isolates this operation to only this set of geometry


The mode at which the tool will fill the UVs in. Face will unwrap each primitive to fill 0-1 entirely, while Per UV Shell will measure the dimensions of each connected UV Shell and scale it to fit 0-1 as a whole.

Unifom Scale

When mode is set to Input UV Shells, this toggle controls if the connected UV shells should be scaled uniformly to have the largest axis fit 0-1, or if the entire shell bounds have to be scaled to be 0-1.

UV Attribute

The attribute used for the operation. Note that this attribute name will be used to generate an attribute in Face mode, and will use incoming attributes with this name in UV Shell mode.

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