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HeightField Patch geometry node

Patches features from one heightfield to another.

Since 16.5

This node transfers features from a region of one heightfield to another heightfield, while keeping a smooth boundary.

The node will properly patch features from volumes that aren’t axis aligned (it will use the grid of the base input). It exposes handles for translating and rotating the patch volume before patching.


Base Layer

The name of the base layer. The output will use the same grid.

Patch Layer

The name of the layer to transfer features from.

Mask Layer

The name of the mask layer, which selects a specific region of the patch layer to transfer.


Uniform Scale

Applies a uniform scale to the patch layer before feature transfer. Resizes both the grid scale and the magnitude of the transferred features.

Height Scale

Scales the height values in the patch layer, adjusting only the magnitude of the transferred features.

Base Height Scale

Adjusts the base layer’s contribution to the output terrain. A value of 0.0 means that the patched output will completely overwrite features from the base layer. A value of 1.0 means that features from the patch layer will be combined with the base layer’s features.


Center Patch

Automatically centers the patch region by the mask, so the rotation and translation handles will be applied to the center of the masked region instead of the center of the patch layer.

Translate X

Moves the patch layer along the X axis.

Translate Z

Moves the patch layer along the Z axis.

Rotate Y

Rotates the patch layer around the Y axis.

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