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HeightField Transform geometry node

Height field specific scales and offsets.

Since 16.0


You can use the regular Transform node to move, scale, or rotate height fields. The Height Field Layer node does the right thing if you try to composite two height fields with different rotations or offset grids together.

The controls in the Scaling section work on the volume grid spacing and/or the height values to do height-specific scaling.



Uniform Scale

Scales the grid spacing and the values in the height field equally so the terrain scales uniformly.

Grid Scale

Scales the grid spacing, stretching or contracting the terrain horizontally.

Height Scale

Scales the height values in the height field, stretching or contracting the terrain vertically.

Height Offset

Adds an offset to values in the height field, moving the terrain up or down.


The controls are useful for volumes in the default ZX orientation. If a different up direction is being used, change the Orientation parameter. These are the same as using the regular Transform node.


The initial axis alignment of the 2D volume in world space. The default is ZX, aligned with the “ground” plane.

Translate X

Moves the volumes along the X axis.

Translate Z

Moves the volumes along the Z axis.

Rotate Y

Rotates the volumes around the Y axis.

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