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Convert Line geometry node

Converts the input geometry into line segments.

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Since 14.0

Unlike the Convert SOP, this node will not copy the unconverted geometry. Primitive attributes and groups are not preserved.

This replaces the incoming primitives with two-point line segments. Each segment connects any point connected in the source.


Two points will only be connected by a single segment, regardless of the number of connections in the source.



The edges to convert into line segments.

Keep Group Order

When enabled, lines are ordered by according to the Group parameter instead of by point numbers.

Connect Path

When enabled, any points that share an edge with only one other point, “end points”, will be connected to any points within Max Distance by rewiring vertices onto the lowest-numbered of the points. If Connect Only To Other End Points is enabled, end points will not be connected to non-end points.

Make Isolated Loops Closed

When enabled, if any resulting polygon curves are loops that have no other curves connected to them, these open polygons (curves) will be changed to closed polygons (surfaces).

Remove Unused Points

Keep only the connected points.

Compute Length

Computes the length of each resulting line segment and stores it in the given attribute.


ClothingCurves Example for Convert Line geometry node

This example demonstrates how to use the Convert Line node to create curves from edges.

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