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Labs UV Unwrap Cylinder 1.0 geometry node

Unwraps cylindrical shaped meshes.

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The Labs UV Unwrap Cylinder SOP automatically unwraps cylindrical-shaped meshes in strips. This can also be done manually by selecting the edges that will act as seams and the cylinder’s end caps.

The end result is ideal to use in a trim texture workflow.



The selection of primitives to unwrap uvs.

UV Attribute

The UV attribute to operate on.

Automatic Unwrap

Auto Cut Offset

Offsets the edge loop that acts as the main cutting line.

Section Cut Angle

The angle threshold for the cutting of individual sections.

Manual Unwrap

Enable Manual Unwrap

Manually unwrap by selecting the edges that will act as seams.

UV Seams

The edge group for the seams.

End Caps

The primitive group for the cylinder’s end caps.


Visualize UV Islands

Randomly colorizes the uv islands to be easily distinguished.


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