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A simple utility that creates arrow indicators on poly primitives displaying their vertex order.

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Since 19.5

This node is useful to visualize the vertex order of primitives. Especially useful when vertex order is important, such as for road splines to indicate the road direction.



Filter a primitive group selection to specify what primitives should receive an arrow indicator.

Group Name

Specify a primitive group selection to filter where to create vertex order indicators.

Visual Feedback

Configure how to arrows are rendered

Arrow Scale

Set the scale of wireframe arrow indicators.

Arrow Color Type

Specify what type of color attribute to output to (and get from when sampling the color from the source).

Arrow Color Method

Set the mode for the arrow color indicators.

Arrow Color

Set a global color for the arrow indicators.


Group Arrows

When enabled, allows you to set the group name for the arrow indicators.

Prim Number Attrib

When enabled, copies the primimtive number to a new attribute and set it on the source primitives and their respective arrow geometry.

Include Source Geometry in Output

When enabled, includes the input geometry with the output.


This node is originally developed as part of the Mentoring and Consulting work done at at E-Houdini Academy. This is a standalone component of the Merge Splines Sop, which together with this node were added to Labs on 21-July-2022 as the View Vertex Order 1.0

Original Author: Erwin Heyms.

Created in Houdini Version H19.5.284.

Last updated on 03-July-2022 as V1.0.1

Erwin Heyms - EhoudiniAcademy

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