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Convert Tets geometry node

Generates the oriented surface of a tetrahedron mesh.

Since 12.5

Convert Tets generates the oriented surface of a tetrahedron structure by analyzing which tetrahedra share a triangle surface. Polygons are created for the triangle surfaces of tetrahedra that are not shared. These polygons are then oriented so the normals point away from the vertex of the tetrahedra not a part of the triangle.

Use this SOP in order to create a surface that is able to be rendered from tetrahedra.


Keep primitives

Keep all the primitives of the incoming geometry. This provides a simple and efficient way to attach a polygonal skin to an existing tetrahedral mesh.

Keep Points

Keep all the points of the incoming geometry, even if they are not needed by the generated triangles. This ensures points will match between the original and the result.

Build Polygon Soups

Instead of creating separate polygon primitives, create polygon soup primitives.

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