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Labs Flowmap 2.0 geometry node

This utility tool sets up a flowmap template on your input geometry.

The Flowmap SOP takes the input geometry and initializes it for use with the Houdini flowmap toolset. The tool provides several initialization modes depending on your requirements.



This allows you to set the initialization mode for the flowmap attributes. Normal will create an empty flowmap, slope will initialize the flowmap attributes based on the calculated slope of your input geometry, direction will initialize the flowmap with the specified direction.

Initial Direction

When the “Method” parameter is set to Direction, you can specify the global direction using this parameter.

Down Vector

When the “Method” parameter is set to Slope, this down vector will be used to calculate the slope.

Visualize Flow Vector

When this toggle is enabled, the tool will add a convenient visualizer showing the flowmap direction in the viewport.

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