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Dissolve 2.0 geometry node

Removes edges from the input polygonal geometry merging polygons with shared edges.

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Since 15.5


This operator can easily create polygons with more than 4 sides. You may want to append a Divide SOP to triangulate any N-sided polygons created by this operator.

Using Dissolve

  1. Select the points, edges, or polygons you wish to dissolve.

  2. Click the Dissolve tool on the Polygon tab.

Turning on the Remove Inline Points checkbox on the parameter editor will remove points that no longer have edges attached.



The edges to dissolve. Edges that are not part of any entity in the group field do not get dissolved. If primitives or points are specified, all edges referencing those entities will be dissolved.

Normally you will use this operator in the scene view and simply select the edges you want; however, if you need to you can also use a space-separated list of the following codes in this field to specify edges:




All edges in primitive number n.


Point number n / edges with point number n.


Edge number m of primitive n.


Edges between point number a and point number b.


Dissolve Selected

Dissolve the entities listed in the Group field.

Dissolve Non-Selected

Dissolve all entities except those listed in the Group field.

Recompute Normals

Calculates the normals on remaining geometry after the deletion occurs.

Remove Inline Points

Removes points of dissolved edges if they do not affect the resulting shape.

Collinearity Tolerance

Points within this angle of being a straight line are deleted when Remove Inline Points is on.

Remove Unused Points

Deletes points that are no longer referenced by primitives after dissolving edges.


Create Bridged Polygons

Bridge edges will be re-introduced if bridge edges that connect surface boundaries are dissolved.

Create Disjoint Polygons

Disjoint surfaces will result if bridge edges that connect surface boundaries are dissolved.

Delete Polygons

Polygons will be deleted if bridge edges that connect surface boundaries are dissolved.

Remove Degenerate Bridges

Deletes degenerate bridge edges from primitives after dissolving edges.

Create Curves When Dissolving Boundary

When enabled, dissolving an unshared edge will result in curves containing the remaining boundary edges.


DissolveBox Example for Dissolve geometry node

This example shows how the Dissolve SOP is used to remove points, edges or primitives of a geometry. The Dissolve SOP automatically patches any holes remaining after the dissolution of various elements.

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