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Volume Convolve 3×3×3 geometry node

Convolves a volume by a 3×3×3 kernel.

Since 12.5

The Volume Convolve 3×3×3 operation convolves the voxels of a volume.

This takes each 3×3×3 neighbourhood of a voxel, multiplies it by a set of coefficients, and combines the result into a total. This can be used as a basic primitive for doing edge detection or neighbourhood counting.


Source Group

The volume primitives to be convolved.

Z-1, Z=0, Z+1 Kernel

The coefficients for the 3×3×3 neighbourhood are split into separate 3×3 arrays, specifying the x/y coefficients for each z-plane.

Normalize Kernel

The coefficients will be divided by the average of all of the coefficients, resulting in an operation that preserves magnitude.

Combine Operation

How to combine the voxels after they've been multiplied by the coefficients. Add Abs will take the absolute value of each voxel-coeffecient product prior to adding them up.

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