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Cloud Shape from Intersection geometry node

Creates primitive spheres used to model cumulus cloud-like shapes at geometry intersection.

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The node’s main design is to take an existing cloud shapes made of sphere primitives, and to fill in the detected intersections with smaller spheres.

Optionally, you can also provide a self intersecting polygon geometry as input.




The subset of the input points or primitives to use for generating the cloud shapes.


Cluster Attribute

When this checkbox is turned on, the intersection will be checked against all incoming sphere primitives that have the same cluster attribute value. Intersections between sphere primitives that have different cluster attribute values will be ignored.

Size Variance

When this checkbox is turned on, intersection will be ignored between two sphere primitives that have a size difference larger than this threshold.

Overlap Threshold

When this checkbox is turned on, intersection will be ignored based on how much the two sphere primitive penetrate each other. The value of 1 means that the two spheres allowed intersect freely, and no intersection has been removed. The value of 0 means that the spheres are only just allowed to touch each other, effectively removing all intersections.

Cloud Shapes


Point Separation

Controls the amount of primitive spheres to generate onto the intersection curves. Smaller values will create denser point clouds, but will also reduce the size of the primitive spheres. Higher values will generate less primitive spheres but each with an increased size.

Particle Scale

Uniformly scales the size of each generated primitive sphere.

Scale by Noise

Scale by Noise

Randomizes the size of each generated primitive sphere using a spacial noise. This is useful to create size variation between spheres to make the generated cloud shape more interesting looking.

Scale Min

Sets the minimum amount of allowed scale by the spatial noise.

Scale Max

Sets the maximum amount of allowed scale by the spatial noise.

Element Size

Controls base feature size of the generated noise. The value applies to each axis.


The offset into the noise field. Change the value of the Offset if the current size variation is undesirable.



Keep Input Geometry

When turned on, this keeps the incoming geometry, otherwise it is removed.

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