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Labs Distance From Border geometry node

Calculates the distance for each point from the nearest unshared edge

This node will calculate the distance to the nearest unshared edge for each point. This is very useful when generating masks to be used for scattering workflows. You can for example use this to get less points scattered around the borders of geometry.


Distance Settings


The format for the distance attribute.

Distance Metric

Metric to use for measuring distance.


Maximimum distance to search for each point.


Sample values from right to left, instead of left to right.


Output Distance as Color (Cd)

This will force the output attribute of this node to be Color (Cd) instead of a float attribute.

Distance Attribute

The name of the attribute to be created to store the distance value in.


Allows you to remap values between the two extremes in the output range.



Lets you choose different blurring models, each useful for different cases.

Influence Type

Allows you to control how each point sees its neighbors.

Blurring Iterations

The number of times the attribute values are blurred. Higher values mean more blurring.

Step Size

Size of each iteration when the method is set to Laplacian.

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