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Labs HF Combine Masks geometry node

Simplifies the process of blending masks together in Heightfields

This node blends several named height field layers together using several blending modes. This reduces the number of nodes required to do these operations dramatically. Typical use-cases for blending like this includes generating a mask from several sources to scatter foliage on.



Enabling this will start the blended mask with a value of 1. Useful when wanting to subtract layers from a full mask.


The layer to be used as the starting canvas.


The name of the heightfield layer to be used for blending in this step.

Clamp 0-1

Clamps this layer’s values between 0-1 before blending. This help prevent out of scope values.


The type of pre-processing to be applied to this layer before blending it.


The amount of pre-processing to be applied tho this layer before blending it.

Layer Mode

The blending mode which should be used when adding this layer to the canvas.

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