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Labs Regions from Image 1.0 geometry node

<This node analyzes input images and generates regions that reflect the major shapes defined by the colored areas of the image.>



Image Path

File path to an input image.

COP Network

Link to a COP Network to use. Remember to set the Render flag on the COP node you wish to use from the network.

Region Generation

Number of Colors

Number of dominant colors to extract from the image.

Region Smoothing

Amount of smoothing to apply to the regions.

Neighbor Consolidation

Extended Influence

Search distance to attempt to look for primitive neighbors when consolidating.


Number of times to attempt to consolidate primitive neighbors.

Generate Regions

Generate polygonal regions from color clusters. Some operations will generate regions automatically.

Add Custom Attribute

Add custom attribute to generated regions.

Attribute Name

Name given to custom attribute.


Attribute type.

Add Index Attribute

Expose index attribute of generated regions.

Attribute Name

Name given to index attribute.

Extracted Regions

Visualization Color

Visualize average color of consolidated regions. Color can be changed, but will be regenerated with node adjustments.

Attribute Value

Value to give custom attribute corresponding to specified region.

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