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Ripple 2.0 geometry node

Generates ripples by displacing points along the up direction specified.

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Using Ripple in the viewer

  1. Select the points for the ripple.


    This tool works well when there are many points selected. If you are placing a ripple on a grid, increase the rows and columns.

  2. Click the Ripple tool on the Deform tab.

  3. Use the Frequency, Height, and Wave Decay parameters to create the ripple.


    The wave decay default setting is very high. Decrease its value for a more visible ripple effect.



The set of points to deform with the ripple.


The center of the ripples will be scattered on a plane with this orientation.

Use Center

Adjust the first ripple to coincide witih this location in space.


Where to move the first ripple to. Note all ripples are displaced by this amount, so the grid being scattered in will be offset around this point.

Wave Length

Distance between peaks of ripples.

Wave Height

Maximum height of ripple above surface.

Wave Decay

How quickly the ripples drop off with distance.

Wave Speed

The ripples are animated. This controls how quickly the waves propagate.

Num Ripples

This number of ripples are randomly placed in a square whose sides are Ripple Source Area. The square is centered at the origin unless the Use Center is selected. Then it is offset to make the first ripple lie at that given center point (this is not the same as centering the square at that point)

Ripple Source Area

Size of sides of the square to randomly place ripples in.

Random Seed

The randomly selected ripples will use this as a seed, different integer numbers will give different placements & timings of ripples.

Up Direction

The direction to displace geometry in.

Recompute Normals

Recomputes normals, if they exist.

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