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HeightField geometry node

Generates an initial heightfield volume for use with terrain tools.

Since 16.0

This node generates two 2D volume primitives, height and mask, with a given resolution and initial value, to be modified by other terrain nodes.

If you wire this node’s output geometry into a terrain node’s first input, it will operate on the height volume. If you wire this node’s output into a terrain node’s “mask” input, it will use the mask volume to scale the effect.


You should think of Houdini units as meters when you enter the scale and the initial height. The height field tools and Houdini dynamics assume that units are meters.



The initial axis alignment of the 2D volume in world space. The default is ZX, aligned with the “ground” plane.


Where the center of voxels should lie, with respect to the given size. When Height Field Convert converts to polygons, these are the location of the points generated.

Initial Height

The initial value of the height volume, in meters. The default is 0.

Initial Mask

The initial value of the mask volume. The default is 0.

Division Mode

Controls whether you will set the volume resolution by number of samples or spacing distance.

By Axis

Takes the longest axis and divides it into the specified number of samples.

By Size

Places samples the given distance apart, filling up the requested terrain size.

Grid Samples

The number of grid points along each axis, when Division mode is “by axis”.

Grid Spacing

The space between grid points, in meters, when Division mode is “by size”.

Uniform Scale

Scales the size of the volumes.


The width and height of the volumes, in meters.


Position on the center of the volumes in world space.

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