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Volume Velocity from Surface geometry node

Generates a velocity field within a surface geometry.

Since 16.5

The direction of the flow field is controlled by setting varying divergence on the surface geometry.

The velocity field is computed via pressure projection and flows away from high divergence areas to low divergence areas.


Velocity Volume

Use OpenCL

Use OpenCL to run the pressure solve.

Voxel Size

The voxel size to use for the velocity volume.

Exterior Band

The width of the outer region around the surface to generate velocities for. This also has an influence on the field generated inside the geometry.

Pressure Solve Iterations

Number of iterations to run the pressure solve for.

Velocity Volume

The name of the computed velocity volume.

Output Collision Volume

Output the computed collision volume.

Collision Volume

The name of the computed collision volume.


Divergence Attribute

Use this existing attribute on the surface geometry for divergence values.

Divergence Groups

Set divergence values for surface geometry groups.


Enable this divergence group.

Group Type

The type of geometry group.


The group to set divergence values for.


The divergence value to set for this group.

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