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Remesh Bubbles geometry node

Generates foam bubble like structure onto a point cloud.

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Since 20.0


This node generates a foam bubble mesh structure on point clouds with a pscale attribute, ensuring that the bubbles do not intersect, but rather push against each other. This tool is ideal to create bubbles for small scale fluid simulations, such as pouring coffee in a mug. To do this, use the particle simulation produced by Vellum Fluids or any Whitewater solver.

Download the files on the Content Library to see how to use the Remesh Bubble SOP and make a bubble shader in XPU.



Resolution Frequency

Increases or decreases the number of polygons which make up a polygonal sphere. The higher the frequency, the smoother the sphere.

Click the randomization button to randomize the value per incoming element. This will create/select a corresponding attribute adjust node to give you greater control over the parameter’s value.

Bulge Amount

How strong the bubble should be pushed outward from areas without collision. Higher values will deform the spherical shape further.

Smooth Amount

How much to smooth the bubbles. Higher values makes the bubbles smaller and move the points closer toward each other.


Sets how much gap to create between two intersection bubbles. For realistic looking bubbles, usually you would keep this at zero.


Copy Attributes

Copies point attributes whose name matches this pattern onto the polygonal bubble meshes. The default * copies all attributes.

Intersection Number

When this checkbox is turned on, it creates a primitive attribute to store the number of intersections for each bubble.

Clipped Primitives

When this checkbox is turned on, it creates a primitive attribute to store if the bubble has collided with any other surrounding bubbles.

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