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Generate roads from curves or OSM data

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This node generates roads from curves, and will handle intersecting curves and create crossings automatically. A good use for the tool is with OSM data.


Make sure input curves either have a good width attribute or none at all. The tool works best with real world scale inputs. Tutorial on the tool



Width Scalar

Scales the width of the road.

Road Module Settings

Custom Module

Custom modules for the straight sections of the road can be provided here.

Module Width

Scale the custom module road pieces.

Module Length

Spacing between road modules.

Intersection Settings

Road Length

The max length of the intersection of the solved road.


The amount of roundness created in the intersections.


Controls the convexity of the intersection.


This will increase the resolution used in generating the intersection. Higher value means more polygons.

UV scale

Controls the UV scale on the generated roads.


Bridge Support

Allows for the generation of bridges if a bridge attribute has been found on OSM data.

Visualize Type

Visualize the different types of geometry generated with colors.


Road Geometry

Outputs the generated road geometry.

Road Lines

Output the sidelines of the road that could be used to make sidewalks.

Point Cloud

A pointcloud which can be used for instancing road modules.

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