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Cloud Adjust Density Profile geometry node

Controls the volume density based on a signed distance field.

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Since 20.0


This node will generate a signed distance field from the incoming volume used to modify the density of the incoming volume.


Visualize Density

Visualize Density

When this is turned on, it provides a sliced visualization plane to help investigate the density volume. When this happens, the node will display a message that a different output is visualized, and displaying the geometry downstream will produce a different look in the viewport.


The orientation of the cutting plane for visualization.


Where in space the center of the plane is. It is always set to encompass the scalar field’s bounds, so the only relevant axis is the one the plane’s normal matches.

Guide Range

The range controls how the density values are culled and mapped to the visualization color set by the Color Mapping ramp. Every density value below the given minimum guide range will be culled, which helps to isolate specific ranges, while the maximum guide value will be mapped to the right side of the Color Mapping ramp.

Compute Range

Computes the minimum and maximum range values for density on the current frame. Use this to get an idea of your maximum density value.

Density Profile

Fill Density

Edge Thickness

Controls the distance considered to be the edge of the cloud volume stating from the cloud surface towards the inside of the cloud.

Edge Density

When this is turned on, fill the edge of the cloud with this density value. The edge of the cloud is considered to be between the cloud surface and the distance given by Edge Thickness towards the inside of the cloud.

Edge Falloff

Controls how smooth the Edge Density value blends in with the rest of the cloud volume. The value of 0 means there will be a hard cutoff between the edge density and the rest of the cloud volume. Increase this value to create a smoother transition.

Internal Density

When this is turned on, fill the internal density of the cloud, which is the volume that is more than Edge Distance away from the cloud surface.



Density Volume

The name of the volume to be used as density for the cloud box. Usually you should leave it as density.

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