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Wire Transfer geometry node

Transfers the shape of one curve to another.

Wire Transfer SOP is used to transfer the shape of curves between two selections. The source curves are blended by a weighted average to produce the destination curves. Weights are calculated by evaluating a meta ball positioned at the first vertex of each curve in the source geometry. The source and destination curves are expected to all contain the same number of vertices.

The “Kernel Function” can be set to any available metaball kernel. The kernels are parameterized by distance and typically give more weight to source curves that are closer. Only the first vertex of each curve is used in the distance calculation. The “Kernel Radius” specifies the drop-off radius for the kernel function. As the kernel radius parameter increases, the filter approaches uniform weighting. In cases where all source points lie beyond the kernel radius of each metaball, the destination curves remain unchanged.


Source Group

A subset of the source geometry where shapes are transferred from.

Destination Group

A subset of the destination geometry where shapes are transferred to.

Kernel Function

Interpolating metaball kernel .

Kernel Radius

Radial extent of the kernel function.

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