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Edge Cusp geometry node

Sharpens edges by uniquing their points and recomputing point normals.

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This operator does not unique the two end points of the path to cusp. Therefore, this operator requires at least two connected edges to have any effect on the geometry. If you only select two edges, the node uniques the point that is shared between them, and the cusp fades into the other two points. This provides for the ability to tailor the cusp by choosing the edges along which the cusp will fade.

Using EdgeCusp

  1. Select the edges you want to sharpen.

  2. Click the EdgeCusp tool on the Polygon tab.



The edges with which to create a cusp.

Normally you will use this operator in the viewer and simply select the edges you want, however if you need to you can also use a space-separated list of the following codes in this field to specify edges:




All edges in primitive number n.


Point number n / edges with point number n.


Edge number m of primitive n.


Edges between point number a and point number b.

Update Point Normals

Recomputes the point normals (if they exist).


EdgeCuspStairs Example for Edge Cusp geometry node

The Edge Cusp SOP is a quick way to create distinct edges on a model during render time. Edge Cusp creates the edges by uniquing shared edge points and recomputing point normals.

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