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Labs Inside Face UVs 1.0 geometry node

Create UV’s for inside faces of voronoi fractured geometry.

Voronoi fracture can generate interior faces, but won’t create uv’s. The Inside Face UVs HDA will generate automatic uv’s for these interior faces.

The only requirement is that 'inside' and 'outside' groups have been defined by the voronoi fracture sop, which is the default behavior.



A subset of primitives to apply the operation to.


Inside Group

The group the operation should be applied to.


The attribute name to be used for generating UVs for.


Amount of uv space to use; 1 will use the 0-1 range, 2 will use 0-2 etc.

Flattening Method

How to flatten 3d geometry into uv space, see the 'UV flatten' sop help for details.


Compute Normals

Toggle if new normals should be generated for the specified inside group.

Cusp Angle

The cusp angle to be used when generating normals.

Weighting Method

The weighting method to be used when generating normals.

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