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Labs Building from Patterns 1.1 geometry node

Creates buildings from blockout geometry defined by a pattern of floor modules.

This node defines building patterns using Floor Descriptions generated by Labs Building Generator Utility nodes. These patterns can be repeated or occur at set intervals along each floor, defining the building style from the ground up.


Random Fill Patterns

Show Floors


Add Building Styles


Name of the building group (not building sides) to apply the specified pattern to.


Pattern arrangement of floors that will fill the Blockout object. Floor names in <> brackets will repeat along the object, and floor names in [] brackets will occur a single time unless succeeded by a number, then it will repeat that many times.

Rigid: [F], [F-G], [F][G], [F-G-F].

Rigid (repeated): [F]3, [F-G]2.

Fill (repeated): <F>, <F-G>, <F-G-F>.

Variations: As long as the given floor owns variations.

Incorrect: <*>, [*], <F*>, [F-G*], <F>2, <F><G>, missing Fill modules.


Pack and Instance

Overwrite Floors

Force Height Scaling

Point Cloud Output

Get Instances from Patterns

Game Engine

Output Orient Attribute for Rotations

Module Pivot Location

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