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Labs VolumeTexture Export 1.0 geometry node

Take a volume as an input and export a texture of the density field.

The Volume Texture Export is useful for converting volumes into textures that can be used in a realtime engine. Instead of creating a custom 3D texture, this outputs a 2D texture that can be read by all engines and then processed to be used as volumetric data at realtime.

Use the dropdown presets to match UE4's expected volume texture inputs.

Internally the volume is converted to the target output resolution. That means one voxel equals one pixel and the resulting volume is a cube.


When exporting Density, make sure you are using a Fog VDB.

When exporting SDF, make sure you are using a Distance VDB.

When exporting Color, make sure you have a volume named Cd.



Generate the texture.

Valid Frame Range

Use the dropdown to render a single frame or a sequence.


Start and End Frame as well as how many increments in between.


Select the mode which should be used for exporting the VolumeTexture.


Density will simply export the density values from your volume into a texture. All RGB values will have the same value.


SDF will export your SDF as a texture, either raw or remapped to 0-1.


Color will export a volume named Cd to RGB, and optionally the density volume to A.

Custom Vector Field

Custom Vector Field will take the specified vector field and convert it into a color field, which will export a volume named Cd to RGB, and optionally the density volume to A.

Equalize Range

When turned on this will remap the density values to exactly 0-1 range.

Density in Alpha

When turned on this will export the density volume in the A channel when mode is set to Color.

Invert Density

When turned on this will flip the values used for exporting density.


When mode is set to SDF this will enable remapping of values to 0-1. Use the SDF Range parameter to set the min and max values for the remap.

SDF Range

Set the range from which your SDF should be remapped to 0-1.

Custom Field Name

Name of the custom vector field to be converted into a color field named Cd for export.


Up Axis

By default, the texture is exported with Z up to match UE4.

Frame Frozen

Optionally lets you export a specific frame in your framerange.


Sets the frame that should be exported.



Sets the total number of slices that should be generated.

Resolution per Slice

Sets the desired resolution per slice. Clipping Ratio

The ratio of clipping inside volume object when sampling.



Generate a preview of the texture in the viewport.

Output Picture

Path of exported image.

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