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Labs AV Photogrammetry 5.0 geometry node

The complete Alicevision photogrammetry pipeline.

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This node is a one node pipeline with Alicevision photogrammetry. Contained in this node are all the steps required to use Alicevision for your convenience.


Requires Meshroom/AliceVision version 2021.1.0.




Start the cooking process for this step.

Manual Mode

This toggle controls if the node should automatically recook if any dependencies have changed.

Use Log

This toggle controls if the status of the current node should be printed to the console. This is useful for getting a quick overview of the progress.


Project Name

This is the project name that Alicevision will use for creating project files. It is important to have a unique project name per processed object to prevent accidental overwrites.

Cache Directory

This directory will be used to store all the generated data. Removing this directory will undo any progress so far.

Alicevision Directory

This can be used to point to the compiled binaries of Alicevision that should be used for processing.

Default Field of View

Empirical value for the field of view in degree.

Color Mode

This controls if the final mesh should use vertex color or textures.


The environment used for launching the AliceVision utilities commandline. Note that this is a python expression and should be modified only through “Edit Expression”.


This multiparm holds all images as entries that need to be processed by Alicevision.


Textured Geometry

This is the final geometry produced by Alicevision.


This is the pointcloud generated by the meshing step.


These are the camera transforms that have been extracted from the images processed.


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