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Super Quad geometry node

Generates an isoquadric surface.

Generates an isoquadric surface. This produces a spherical shape that is similar to a metaball, with the difference that it doesn’t change it’s shape in response to what surrounds it. You can change the XY Exponent of an isoquadric surface to define it to be more “squarish” or “starish” in shape. Also, an isoquadric surface is always defined as a polygonal or mesh type geometry.


Primitive Type

Type of geometry to create.


How the surface should be created.


Radii along xyz axes.


Offset of center from object center.


Rotation about object center.


Determines pole axis for iso surface.


Number of rows used in superquad.


Number of columns used in superquad.

XY Exponent

The exponent used along the x and y axes.

Z Exponent

Exponent in the z direction.

Multiple Points Per Pole

Determines whether points at the poles are shared or are individual to the columns

Cusp Polygons

Makes vertices unique, causing the superquad to be faceted.

Cusp Angle

Minimum angle in degrees between adjacent surfaces for which cusping will occur.

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